Registration in the directory:

Registration in the directory ensures that you are displayed at the top of the page during a search in our directory. We will be able to put you forward during each search that a user will carry out! Subscribing to our Offer is completely FREE and allows you to benefit from a Complete Sheet, the many functions of which will be detailed below. Your phone number will be visible and not surcharged. No quote module will be displayed on your listing You can remove advertising by putting your logo (or a photo) instead.

Online management tools:

The management tools are simple and allow you to administer your file on a daily basis. Thanks to the Administration menu, you manage all the content of your artisan site directly from The actions are simple (adding/removing text, photos, logos, etc.): you don't need any special technical skills to perform them.

A priority display during a search in the directory:

Subscribing to the FREE Offer ensures that you are displayed at the top of the page during a search in our directory. You will be given priority over all other artisans, whether they are registered for the free offer or whether they are not registered.

An exhaustive presentation of your company:

This page is the home page of your site: it can contain the full description of your company, the specialties you practice, your motto and your logo, your contact details, the products and services offered, the brands used, sold or partners. , your certifications and labels, your opening hours, your means of payment, the languages ​​spoken in your salon, ....

List your activities and specialties:

You can register your company in all the activities and specialties you practice, such as Horticulturist, ...

Up to 20 commented photos:

How do you best present your company and your day-to-day work? Quite simply by adding photos of your creations accompanied by explanatory texts to your sheet! Internet is a new way to make yourself known according to the common principle of word of mouth: it results in the recommendation of customers and the highlighting of your work with the help of commented photos. In addition, the quality of the work visible through these photos will encourage Internet users to call on you.

Testimonials from your clients:

Your File contains the testimonials of your customers. In a classic website, it is difficult to add customer testimonials to a page without paying a substantial sum to the designer. In, these testimonials are included in this offer: any customer can submit a review of your work from our site and it will be added to your File after verification by our teams of its integrity and relevance.

A form to contact you by email:

This form offers customers the possibility of writing to you for different reasons: request for information, ...